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Denise Liebermann

Wendi Weller

2 Artists Mad About Dogs

Wendi Weller and Denise Liebermann

As a result of one casual conversation about a collaboration during lockdown and a shared passion for drawing, painting and dogs: Molly and Maud was born – and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. 
Determined to come out of lockdown with something brand new and positive, they got to work setting up the business with little idea of where it would take them, and how successful it would be.  

Naming the business after their two legendary grandmothers proved to be a good omen.  Two strong and amazing women: Molly – Belfast: Denise’s grandmother and Maud – Birmingham: Wendi’s grandmother.

As soon as “Stay At Home” began, off they went. Each in their own studio’s, creating charcoal drawings and oil paintings – and they cannot wait to share the results. 

The dynamic duo are currently working daily on oil paint and charcoal commissions and now have a range of prints and cards.

Because they work from photographs, commissioning a portrait of your pooch could not be easier.  Their reputation has already gone far and wide, with commissions from as far as the US and Australia.

They have also added ‘Draw your Dog’ workshops to their repertoire, sharing their expertise with anyone keen to learn!

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